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La Nueva Voz, (formerly La Voz) Pomona’s only community newspaper, was launched in August 2009 as a monthly publication designed to fill the void left when the original La Voz ceased publication following a successful 28-year run.

In its first two years, the publication grew in both advertising and readership as Pomona became aware once again that there was a meaningful newspaper serving the local informational needs of the community.

Of course, this was the business plan from the outset – we made every effort to retain the same “look and feel” of the original publication.  In fact, we even hired the same “editor,” who handles both layout and translation for the Spanish portion of the newspaper.  Since our launch, we have heard many stories, comments and expressions of appreciation that the “old” paper is, once again, back in business.

This has translated to the newspaper not only filling a void but playing an active role in the community.  Because of this, the “reader profile” of La Nueva Voz has included virtually all of the many “publics” that make up Pomona, a city with a population of 149,000 and the seventh largest city in Los Angeles County – and a community that is more than 70 percent Hispanic.

Clearly, the business community is on board.  The newspaper was even named “New Business of the Year” for 2010 in early 2011 by the Pomona Chamber of Commerce. Readership also extends to the political and civic community.  The Mayor himself reads the newspaper from cover to cover and is one of our biggest supporters.

And, when political issues have surfaced in Pomona, we have learned that everyone from the “activists” to the “gadflies” view La Nueva Voz as an important tool in getting the word out in the community.

But perhaps most significantly, we have learned that everyone from school children to parents to the entire educational community, the religious community and the “middle America” residents of the community turn regularly to La Nueva Voz to keep up with the local news.

We are proud of the fact that we have enabled the publication to, once again, become an important part of the fabric of the community. The Executive Director of the Pomona Chamber of Commerce himself regularly tells groups and individuals that La Nueva Voz is “the only game in town” in terms of communicating a message.

And, with 11,000 copies of our paper on the street the fourth Thursday each month, we reach more readers than the local suburban daily, which sells only 6,400 papers in Pomona. Add to that the fact that our publication is bilingual and distributed at no cost and you have a combination that works – La Nueva Voz truly is the most effective means of communicating a message to Pomona and, on a more limited basis, to the neighboring communities of Claremont and La Verne.

That fact has not been lost in our dealings with some of our largest advertisers who have continued to rely on La Nueva Voz – from SCE and Southern California Gas to the U.S. Census, Best Buy, Wells Fargo Bank, Citizens Business Bank, Inland Empire Credit Union, Walgreens, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, DeVry University, Western University of Health Sciences, the City of Pomona, Pomona Unified School District and many more..
La Nueva Voz
P.O. Box 1117
Pomona, CA 91769

Office: (909) 629-2292 
Renee Barbee
V.P. of Marketing and Operations
Phone: (909) 762-1446
[email protected]
 Jeff Schenkel
Phone: (909) 224-0244
[email protected]
The New Voice, a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Publication
Pomona's Only Community Newspaper!

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  • Thank you Renee Barbee! It was such an awesome feeling to be able to give back to our community and to make some kids smile a little bigger on Christmas! I definitely couldn't have made this happen without the help of my family and friends!! With such open & giving hearts they helped me raise the funds that I needed to put this project together...and for this I will be forever grateful! (Jacqueline P. via Facebook)
  • La Nueva Voz continues to show the positive side of the City of Pomona as most of us know it and remember it.  (Lupe F., Pomona, CA
  • Great coverage on the Downtown Pomona 2012 Christmas Parade. 3,000 parade participant's and 5,000 viewer's! Amazing!!!  I've been in this area all my life. It is just so great to read such positive things about what is taking place in Pomona.  (Maria R. , Pomona, CA)
  •  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Jeff & Renee for always taking care of Ted Greene Little League. We definitely feel the love from La Nueva Voz!  (Jacqueline P., via Facebook)
  • "Congrats! You and Jeff have worked very hard these past 5 years and have provided great media coverage to countless individuals and organizations. Your stories and photos, undoubtedly, grace many a scrapbook throughout the Inland Valley. Again, congratulations for a job well done. " (Edward P. via Facebook)
  • "What wonderful community support your newspaper is to Pomona, and the surrounding areas. A boxing club I helped found, grew from 0 to over 200 kids in a couple of months due to your excellent coverage. Here's to the next 5...Bravo!" (Linda L. Via Facebook)
  • Thank u Renee! U guys don't have to do that. Awesome job on the paper! U guys really have done wonders. Have a good rest of the week." (Michele A. via Facebook)
  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Jeff & Renee for always taking care of Ted Greene Little League. We definitely feel the love from La Nueva Voz! - with Renee Barbee and Brenda Boeglin-Quintana. (Jacqueline P. via Facebook)